Hey Yuxi, I know someone already mentioned this, but I thought it couldn't hurt to check again. Those three sims you recently uploaded, well an error 509 pops up on dropbox. It says they are generating too much traffic or something to that effect. Could you please re-upload them when you get the chance. Again, I'm really sorry to bug you with this; just was so excited when I saw you shared these pretties!

Hi Avelexi, I know - I thought I’d fixed it last week but the host I chose has a user/small bandwidth limit apparently :(. For now, all my stuff can be found on my OneDrive here. I’ll fix the links on my Dreamwidth soon.

Christmas lot CC list


By request, a complete CC-list for this room.

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Hey, not sure if you noticed. But a lot of your download links (all of the dropbox ones) have been disabled due to generating too much traffic! I would really like to pick up some of your creations because they are so beautiful, but the links aren't working anymore. Hope it isn't too much of a bother to ask if you can resolve that! Sincerely, thank you in advanced! Really ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Hi Anon, I’m aware. I’ll re-upload everything elsewhere this weekend.

I have a lot CC made by you in my game. But I can't find one of your awesome Sims for download. Would you share one of your Sims (or a few)? I love them all but especially Mayad, Penmeiyi, Heorade, Siendan, Eirit or Sisiu.


Hi Anon, of course! Here are Mayad, Siendan and Sisiu.

Hey Yuxi..Your so awesome! :)Do you still have Yasmeen*_* and a fix peggy peacock earing mesh that doesn't overide glasses.I remember she was packaged with it but I lost her to a crash.


I do indeed! You can get her here again.

Hey Yuxi, hope you are having a decent summer! Sorry to bother you with this but I can't seem to view or download your pendulum loft on your dreamwidth account. I had the house some time ago but since I got the ultimate collection, I started fresh and am now attempting to gather some of my old cc. I looked at your masterlist and didn't see it anywhere either. If you could help me out, I would be so giddy!

Hi Avelexi! Hah true, I took it down at some point because I thought it looked a bit blah (perfectionist mode I suppose). I’ve put it up for you again at its original location (http://esperesa.dreamwidth.org/44707.html). I’ll check the CC shopping list when I have a little more time! :D