Hey Yuxi, I know someone already mentioned this, but I thought it couldn't hurt to check again. Those three sims you recently uploaded, well an error 509 pops up on dropbox. It says they are generating too much traffic or something to that effect. Could you please re-upload them when you get the chance. Again, I'm really sorry to bug you with this; just was so excited when I saw you shared these pretties!

Hi Avelexi, I know - I thought I’d fixed it last week but the host I chose has a user/small bandwidth limit apparently :(. For now, all my stuff can be found on my OneDrive here. I’ll fix the links on my Dreamwidth soon.

Christmas lot CC list


By request, a complete CC-list for this room.

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For MissTiikeri, Ninjabelle, Esotheria and other long man hair afficionados: Five Peggy F2M conversions. They work for all ages and textures are a blend/mix of the originals + my own. Some have more colours than others, so feel free to retexture and whatnot. More coming soon (excuse the lazy previews, game is giving me vertigo).
- Peggy Jan12 F2M
- Peggy 7883 F2M 
- Peggy 5702 F2M
- Peggy 6250 F2M
- Peggy Dec11 F2M

Leftover ‘hood shot because cows.

Leftover ‘hood shot because cows.