Christmas lot CC list


By request, a complete CC-list for this room.

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Hey, not sure if you noticed. But a lot of your download links (all of the dropbox ones) have been disabled due to generating too much traffic! I would really like to pick up some of your creations because they are so beautiful, but the links aren't working anymore. Hope it isn't too much of a bother to ask if you can resolve that! Sincerely, thank you in advanced! Really ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Hi Anon, I’m aware. I’ll re-upload everything elsewhere this weekend.

I have a lot CC made by you in my game. But I can't find one of your awesome Sims for download. Would you share one of your Sims (or a few)? I love them all but especially Mayad, Penmeiyi, Heorade, Siendan, Eirit or Sisiu.


Hi Anon, of course! Here are Mayad, Siendan and Sisiu.

Hey Yuxi..Your so awesome! :)Do you still have Yasmeen*_* and a fix peggy peacock earing mesh that doesn't overide glasses.I remember she was packaged with it but I lost her to a crash.


I do indeed! You can get her here again.

Hey Yuxi, hope you are having a decent summer! Sorry to bother you with this but I can't seem to view or download your pendulum loft on your dreamwidth account. I had the house some time ago but since I got the ultimate collection, I started fresh and am now attempting to gather some of my old cc. I looked at your masterlist and didn't see it anywhere either. If you could help me out, I would be so giddy!

Hi Avelexi! Hah true, I took it down at some point because I thought it looked a bit blah (perfectionist mode I suppose). I’ve put it up for you again at its original location ( I’ll check the CC shopping list when I have a little more time! :D